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I will start putting more outfits together.
I will start sewing more.
I will draw more.
I will wear more accessories.
I will wear heels more often.
I will stop dying my hair.
I will paint my nails more.
I will wear lipstick more often.
I will whiten my teeth.
I will drink water and milk.
I will cut out soda altogether.
I will work out everyday.
I will write everyday.
I will move away.
I will pay more attention.
I will love you if you just let me, ok?

Turning 21

 It's fucking incredible how I feel so old. I've barely done anything in life yet, but I feel old. The girls who were my freshmen in high school are now seniors. Ahhh! The last few months there's been a huge surge of responsibility that's like an eerie cloud over my head. Jobs are few and far between around here and even when they pop up it's hard to get them. Stupid GM car industry going into the gutter. I blame you for these troubles! 

 Anyways, since I've turned 21 I thought I'd make myself a revised list of things that I need to get accomplished.

1. Stop being indecisive.

2. Stop being afraid. 

3. Sleep schedule.

4. Be healthy.

5. Work out everyday/get to size 3 or 5

6. More photography and writing.

7. Read everyday.

8. DIY fashion.

9. Save money.

10. Stop hiding in my room.

11. Draw/paint.

12. Stop caring what other people think so much.

13. Win a millions. 

14.  Learn new things.

15. Move.

We'll see how this new year goes :)

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I'm planning on doing a DIY fashion spree until the end of the year where I mostly try to make some of my favorite clothes that cost over $30 so maybe I'll save myself money. I'll post pictures of things I make that turn out well!

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Sleep problems

I hate when I can't sleep. The nights are the worst when my head is fighting to stay awake, but my body is obviously tired. I've decided to start turning off my laptop every night so I'm not distracted and maybe I'll go to sleep sooner.

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